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Yamaha Arius YDP-184 88-Key Digital Piano
GH3 Weighted Action Keyboard, Virtual Resonance Modeling, CFX Grand Samples

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The Yamaha Arius YDP-184R digital piano has customizable sounds, Virtual Resonance Modeling (VRM) and stunning samples from Yamaha's 9' CFX concert grand piano, and these exceptional features should please both teacher and student.

There are two things immediately noticeable when you approach the YDP184, its height and keys. The piano is taller than most digital pianos in this price category, with an appearance similar to that of a console piano, stately and elegant. The keys have an attractive satin finish and feel, quite unlike the shiny slippery keys of lesser models. Let's take a look at some of the important features.

The YDP184R contains the GH3 Graded Hammer 3, 88-key piano action with synthetic ebony and ivory keytops. The synthetic ivory keytops provide a tactile surface to the white keys, absorbing moisture from the fingers and preventing them from slipping.

The GH3 keyboard action reproduces the touch of an acoustic instrument, from the heavier feel in the lower register to the lighter touch in the upper octaves. This is accomplished by using a spring-less hammer mechanism similar to those found in a grand piano. It also features a three-sensor configuration, which accurately senses and interprets the behavior of the keyboard to create a grand style playing experience. This permits quick note repetition and authentic expressive control.

Half-damper pedal control creates more detailed nuance and subtlety when playing, similar to pedaling on a grand piano. This feature allows for continuously increasing lengths of sustained notes, from slight to full, as the sustain pedal is depressed.

Virtual Resonance Modeling (VRM) simulates the way an acoustic piano resonates and produces a full, rich grand piano sound. When a key is played on a grand piano, sound resonates throughout the body of the instrument, producing a rich reverberation. VRM recreates this phenomenon faithfully in the Arius YDP-184 producing a tone that reflects the limitless number of factors inherent in piano performance.

Stereo Sustain samples provide mellow reverberations when you depress the damper pedal. Similarly, Damper Resonance provides broad and deep resonance when the pedal is used. Similar to that of an acoustic piano, the result is more musical and realistic performance.

Using the MIDI recording features in the YPD-184, you can record up to 16 tracks with simultaneous playback. Both hands can be recorded separately and played back together. Recordings are made in Standard MIDI file (SMF) format, and you can playback your recordings on a computer using optional software.

The Stereophonic Optimizer provides a comfortable, natural experience that removes the drawbacks of performing with headphones. The sound you hear through the headphones is similar to the sound heard when sitting in front of an acoustic piano. The piano voices sound as though they are emanating from the body of the instrument.

iOS devices can be connected to the  YDP-184R using the Yamaha UD-BT01 Bluetooth MIDI adapter, or the Lightning-USB Camera adapter. A standard USB cable can be used to connect the instrument to a computer or mobile device, opening up a world of creative possibilities.

With Virtual Resonance Modeling and stunning samples from Yamaha's 9' CFX concert grand piano, the Yamaha YDP-184 digital piano should please both teacher and student alike. It sounds, feels and looks great, a certain home run for Yamaha.

Andy's Music has been selected by NAMM (National Assoc. Music Merchants), as a TOP 100 Dealer six times since 2011, and has been an authorized Yamaha dealer continuously since 1977. Andy's is one of the few dealers in the U.S. that sells all Yamaha music products. If you have questions about a Yamaha product, please give us a call. Family owned and operated since 1977.

Yamaha Arius YDP-184 88-Key Digital Piano Features:

  • Yamaha CFX piano sample
  • Virtual Resonance Modeling (VRM)
  • GH3 keyboard action with synthetic ebony and ivory key tops
  • 20 drum rhythms
  • Digital effects
  • Dual/Split/Duo modes
  • 24 Voices
  • 256 note polyphony
  • Stereophonic Optimizer
  • Acoustic Optimizer
  • Key-Off Samples
  • 250 song, 16-track sequencer (recorder)
  • USB to HOST
  • 1/8' Aux Input
  • 60 Watt output
  • Front leg studio design cabinet

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