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Advantage Rental Plan
Is your child joining a beginning band program? Would you like to provide your child with a quality instrument designed to withstand the rigors of beginning band? If so, consider our Advantage Rental Plan.

  • Low Monthly Payments
  • No Interest or Finance charges
  • Educator Approved Instruments
  • Risk Free - Return, Exchange or Purchase at any time
  • Peace of Mind Service Plan Included (Repairs & Maintenance)
  • Discounted Payoff - If you decide to purchase the instrument

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Questions? Check out the topics in our frequently asked questions below to learn more about our Advantage Rental Plan. Click a question to reveal the answer. Ready to rent? Fill out our rental form now to quickly and easily reserve your instrument online.

Music Education

  1. Is Music Education important?

    ABSOLUTELY! Research tells us children who play music do better in school and in life. Research has also shown that music activities provide children with important experiences that can help them develop physical coordination, timing, memory, visual, aural, and language skills. Your parental support and guidance is important for your child to succeed in this fulfilling journey.

  2. Should I buy or rent a quality instrument?

    Now is the time to weigh the advantages of renting over buying. Our convenient Advantage Rental Plan is the answer to all of your questions. Here are some things to ponder:

    Quality: Andy's rental programs offer quality educator-approved brands with great playability. Beginning students trying to learn on poor equipment are most likely to quit band after a very short time. Our experience has shown that starting out with a quality instrument takes the frustration out of learning music. At Andy's we guarantee the playability of our rental instruments so your child has every advantage in order to excel.

    Low Monthly Payments: Affordability is an important issue when starting out on an instrument. Andy's gives you the best of both worlds: low monthly payments and name brand serviceable instruments.

    Peace of Mind: If your child has ever broken something valuable you will appreciate the Peace of Mind (POM) service plan. POM covers normal playing condition adjustments and accidental damage. POM is included with each rental. With general maintenance and repair covered, that's less money coming out of your pocket.

    Discounted Payoff: If your child is showing real promise as a budding musician and wants to keep his instrument, you might qualify for a discount when paying off your balance.

  3. Should I give my child a 30 year old instrument found in Grandmaís attic?

    Please don't unless you do the following first:

    1. Have it properly cleaned and repaired by our Service Department
    2. Purchase a new case and retire the smelly one
    3. Purchase a new mouthpiece and assorted new accessories
    If servicing an old instrument to proper playing condition and purchasing the necessary accessories becomes too expensive, please consider renting.
  4. To Take or Not to Take Private Lessons?

    In addition to school band and orchestral classes, taking private lessons is a great way to increase your skill level. Private lessons gives students personalize one-on-one instruction and support needed for improvement. Andy's Music offers private lessons on many instruments and our staff will assist you in selecting an appropriate instructor.

  5. How much time should my child practice?

    Consult with your Music Educator however as a general rule, it is better to practice 20-30 minutes a day rather than 60-90 minutes in one day attempting to make up for lost practice time. Set aside a time each day to practice and encourage your child to practice. Always remember, Practice doesn't make perfect - Perfect practice makes perfect.

Renting an Instrument

  1. How do I complete a rental application?

    In four easy steps you may submit a rental application:

    1. Choose the instrument
    2. Complete the Rental Application
    3. Enter AutoPay information
    4. Initial and submit
  2. Why do you need my child's school information?

    Music Educators use different method books and may prefer certain brands or supplies. Knowing which school the student attends ensures we are providing you with the proper supplies.

  3. What if I donít see my instrument listed?

    If the instrument you need doesn't appear in our list it probably isn't available for rent however; it may be available for purchase. Please give us a call at (251) 633-8944.

  4. What is an Instrument Scholarship?

    Andy's Music provides a number Instrument Scholarships to beginning band students who have a sincere interest in joining the band however a financial hardship prevents them from obtaining a quality instrument. Scholarship recipients receive one of the following instruments to use during the school year: Flute, Clarinet, Alto Sax, Trumpet, or Trombone. An Instrument Scholarship also covers normal playing condition adjustments to the instrument. If you would like to be nominated for an Instrument Scholarship please discuss this opportunity with your middle school Band Director.

  5. Do you run credit checks?

    Our business revolves around renting band instruments and we want to rent an instrument to you! Like most businesses we need some assurance that payments will be received in a timely manner. For this reason we run credit checks for band instrument rentals. Based upon our standards we are confident that most applicants will be approved. Some applications may need further review and unfortunately a few will be declined however; for those customers who are declined we will assist you with an alternate method for obtaining an instrument.

  6. How much do I pay down?

    Your AutoPay will be debited for the first payment plus a one time $20 Admin Fee on the day the instrument is rented..

Advantage Rental Plan

  1. Is there a minimum rental term required?

    No. Return the Advantage Rental at anytime during normal business hours.

  2. How long before I own the instrument?

    It depends on what's best for you. If you wish to own the instrument sooner you may exercise the Discounted Payoff option and receive a discount off the remaining balance. If you like the convenience of monthly payments and the included Peace of Mind service plan you may continue to make payments until the agreement is paid in full. Rental agreements may last up to 36 months depending on the instrument.

  3. What is a Discounted Payoff?

    If you decide to purchased the rental instrument by paying the remaining balance we will offer a Discounted Payoff. The amount of discount depends on when you pay the balance. For example, if during rental month 11 your balance is $600 and you decide to pay off the balance we would offer a Discounted Payoff of $480. This is an additional 20% savings to you for purchasing the instrument!

  4. Does my rent go towards purchasing the instrument?

    Yes. Each rental payment made reduces the balance of the instrument should you decide to keep it.

  5. Do you offer a maintenance plan?

    Yes. If your child has ever broken something valuable you will appreciate our Peace of Mind (POM) service plan. POM covers normal playing condition adjustments and accidental damage. POM is included with each rental. With general maintenance and repair covered, that's less money coming out of your pocket.

  6. What is AutoPay?

    Autopay is our direct payment plan that allows customers to pay their monthly rental payment on the due date each month automatically using your debit card, credit card or ACH. The service is free and youíll never have to worry about missing a payment.

  7. How do I return an instrument?

    If you would like to return the instrument please visit our store during normal business hours. Please make sure the instrument has all the parts and pieces that were originally included when issued. Once returned you will be issued a receipt and future rental payments will cease.

  8. If the instrument is paid off do I still receive the Peace of Mind service plan?

    Our Peace of Mind service plan is only available while renting however; we do offer an extended Service Agreement for instruments previously rented or purchased from Andy's. Please see a sales associate for details.

Advantage Rental Instruments

  1. Will my rental instrument be new or used?

    That's up to you! We rent new and gently used instruments. Gently used instruments are approximately 15% less than new instruments. During the rental application process you will have the opportunity to select New or Used. All instruments are subject to availability.

  2. What brand will my rental instrument be?

    Andyís Music only rents Educator Approved brands like Yamaha, Jupiter, Buffet, and Selmer to name a few. There is no need to be concerned about the quality of an instrument rented from Andy's. The last thing we want is for your child to be hampered or discouraged by an inferior instrument!

  3. What is included with the instrument rental?

    Rentals typically include the instrument, case, and mouthpiece. Purchasing our Rental Accessory Bundle provides you with additional necessary supplies. Clarinet and saxophone players will also need to purchase reeds. Reeds are sold in 3, 10, and 12 packs depending on the brand of reed. Unless instructed otherwise by your Music Educator, purchase #2 or #2.5 strength reeds.

  4. What is in a "Rental Accessory Bundle"?

    Our Rental Accessory Bundle includes your schools band method book, music stand with bag, instrument maintenance kit, and instrument case tag. We highly recommend purchasing this discounted package when renting one of the following instruments: Flute, Clarinet, Alto/Tenor Sax, Trumpet, and Trombone.

  5. How do I know what supplies my child will need?

    We have lots and lots of accessories! If you are purchasing our Rental Accessory Bundle along with reeds (for clarinet and sax students) you will most likely have everything you need to get started. Regarding books, we have compiled a list of books that each school uses. Occasionally a Music Educator will change books however we will work with you to find the right book for your class.

Common Rental Questions

  1. What if I switch instruments? May I exchange for a different rental instrument?

    Yes. While renting you may exchange to a different instrument as long as you have the Music Educators permission and the instrument is available for renting. Example: You have been playing clarinet and are switching to alto saxophone. We will apply a portion of your rental payments when exchanging to a different instrument.

  2. What if I my instrument needs repair?

    Our Peace of Mind (POM) service plan is included with each rental. POM covers normal playing condition adjustments and accidental damage. With general maintenance and repair covered, that's less money coming out of your pocket.

  3. What if my child outgrows the violin or cello?

    Orchestral instruments are available in different sizes based upon the size of the child. A child may originally need a 1/2 orchestral instrument and then experience a growth spurt which requires increasing the size of the instrument. While renting you may exchange for a different size instrument when needed. The largest size is considered 4/4 (full size).

  4. How do I know what size violin or cello my child needs?

    We can help! We will gladly fit your child for the proper sized stringed instrument. Please visit Andy's at your convenience.

  5. What do I do if my instrument is stolen?

    Please file a police report and contact us immediately. Our Peace of Mind service plan includes a provision for instruments that are stolen or destroyed by fire. Please see our Rental Agreement for complete terms and conditions.

  6. Who do I contact if I have questions about my rental account?

    Please contact us at (251) 633-8944.

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