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      Blog Post

      Yamaha HD-300 Harmony Director

      The Yamaha HD-300 Harmony Director Music Education Keyboard is a powerful ear training keyboard tool that more effectively teaches intonation and rhythmic training to music students.

      The Harmony Director HD-300 is a complete music dictation package that combines powerful ear training in a new simplified user interface. It can increase students' success and make the music educator's job more productive. Additionally, the mobile app can be used as a stand-alone tuner as well as a hardware controller.

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      New - Yamaha DGX-670
      Portable Grand Digital Piano

      Yamaha DGX670 Digital Grand Piano


      The Yamaha DGX Portable Grand series of digital pianos just got a new member - the DGX670.

      The Yamaha DGX-670 digital piano replaces the top-selling DGX-660 and features a modern, attractive design with a simplified user interface. It features a full, 88-note weighted action keyboard with exceptional playability, accurate sound, and visual appeal, making it ideal for any keyboardist, from beginner to professional.

      Check it out here...Yamaha DGX-670 Portable Grand Digital Piano

      Andy's Music Named TOP 100 Dealer

      Blog Post-Andy's Music Named TOP 100 Dealer-Andy's Music

      Andy's Music Top 100 Dealer Award 2020

      Mobile, AL (November 12, 2020) — Andy’s Music in Mobile, Alabama has once again been named one of the Top 100 musical instrument retailers in the U.S. Andy’s has been honored with this prestigious award eight times since 2011.

      Now in its tenth year, the annual awards honor music retailers who demonstrate exceptional commitment to their stores, neighborhoods, and customers and share in a vision of creating a more musical world through their local communities.

      “To be an eight-time winner is definitely an honor, and our dedicated staff made this happen,” said James Andrews, Vice President, at Andy’s Music Inc.

      The Top 100 designation recognizes:

      • A demonstrated commitment to exceptional customer service
      • Proven community advocacy and support for music education
      • An exemplary retail experience worth returning for and recommending to others
      • Merchandising and marketing tactics that encourage repeat sales
      • Sound planning for future success, employing marketing and training initiatives
      • Engaging and effective use of web and social media

      Dubbed the "Retail Oscars" by Music Inc. magazine, the Top 100 Dealer Awards spotlights the industry's very best music product retailers and shares their strategies for success. Businesses vying for Top 100 status are evaluated for their innovative approaches to retail and for employing effective strategies in marketing and customer engagement. An independent panel of judges carefully reviews entries to determine winners in each category and to select the Dealer of the Year.

      Brother and sister, James Andrews and Linsey Andrews Abraham, are fourth-generation merchants. Their great-grandfather Christos Andreoglou, who emigrated from Smyrna, Greece in 1910, had a general store and tavern on Bloodgood Street in Mobile. Their grandfather Jimmy had a restaurant, Andy’s Grill on Broad Street. Their father Jimmy started Andy’s Music in 1977.

      Keep the Gift of Music Alive this Christmas

      Blog Post-Keep the Gift of Music Alive this Christmas-Andy's Music

      ♫ It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!


      As we come to the end of an eventful year, we are looking forward to a merry and bright holiday season filled with faith, family, and goodwill to all. 
      It is no secret that this time of year can be a strain on the finances, however. That’s why we’ve partnered with Synchrony Bank to offer our customers the Musician’s Express Card. 


      Synchrony Musician's Express Card Andy's Music

       The M.E. Card:

      1. Quickly let’s you know if you are approved and for how much credit.
      2. Let’s you make payments on purchases over time.
      3. Offers you 6, 12, and 18 month deferred interest options, depending on the amount of your purchase.


      And if all of that wasn't awesome enough, from now until the end of 2020, get a $100 Prepaid Visa gift card with your new account.


      Andy's Music Musician's Express Card


      1. Open a Musician’s Express Card Account.
      2. Make a purchase of $299 or more with the account on the same day.
      3. Fill out the rebate form and mail in with your receipt.

      The Musician’s Express Card takes the burden of large purchases and awful interest rates off of you so that you can focus on what matters: Keeping the Gift of Music Alive! 

      Andys Music Yamaha Guitars

      So this Holiday Season, help your loved ones:

      Take the 1st Step

      With these great beginner bundles.

      Beginner Instrument Bundles

      Take the Next Step

      With intermediate instruments to help them achieve the sound, look, and feel they’ve been looking for.

      Intermediate Instruments


      Take a Leap

      With professional series gear and instruments for on the road & on the stage.

      Pro Series Instruments







      Top 5 Bass Intros

      Andy's Music High Five: Top 5 Bass Intros

      Here’s our Top 5 Picks for Legendary Bass Intros


      1) Under Pressure/ Ice Ice Baby - by Queen & David Bowie/Vanilla Ice

      Queen and David Bowie Under Pressure Ice Ice Baby Vanilla Ice
       We start with a 2-for-1 Special: Under Pressure by Queen and David Bowie, which was sampled and used by Vanilla Ice in Ice Ice Baby. Whether you’re a rock purist who prefers Queen’s use of this legendary lick or if you love the fun, catchy spin that Vanilla Ice put on it, you just can’t help but groove along.

      2) Play That Funky Music - by Wild Cherry

       Next we have the Funk! This bass line immediately transports you to the disco era and makes you want to shake your groove thang! - Or maybe just bob your head to it. To each their own. Either way, you know you love this bass intro. Play That Funky Music White Boy Wild Cherry

      3) Another One Bites the Dust - by Queen

       Queen the Game Album Cover Another One Bites the Dust Coming in at #3 is Queen... Again! Before John Deacon’s early retirement from the music scene in 1997, he wrote several of Queen’s hit songs, including this bass-driven beauty! If you’ve ever picked up a bass guitar before, admit it: you tried to play this bass line.

      4) Crazy Train - by Ozzy Osbourne, Randy Rhoads, and Bob Daisley

       Our pick for #4 is Crazy Train. We know; it’s just one step below Stairway to Heaven on the “Top 5 Songs Overplayed On Guitar” list. (Maybe a future blog?) BUT, you know that you fight the urge do yell “Aye aye aye!” once you hear those first 8 notes. Paired with Randy Rhode’s gone-to-soon legendary guitar riff, this song stays bass driven and shatters the stereotype that “all bassists look bored” when played. Ozzy Osbourne Blizzard of Ozz Album Cover Crazy Train

      5) Come Together - by The Beatles

       The Beatles Abbey Road Album Cover Come Together Last but certainly not least is Come Together by The Beatles. This smooth rolling bass line is sure to make you “come groovin’ up slowly”. Bass Legend Paul McCartney wrote this timeless song alongside John Lennon back in 1969 and it’s still getting stuck in our heads today.


      What songs do you think we left off this list? Let us know in the comments!