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      School Band and Orchestral Rental Program

      Risk Free Rentals
      Rental Header


      Advantage Rental Plan
      Is your child joining a beginning band program? Would you like to provide your child with a quality instrument designed to withstand the rigors of beginning band? If so, consider our Advantage Rental Plan.

      • Low Monthly Payments
      • No Interest or Finance charges
      • Educator Approved Instruments
      • Risk Free - Return, Exchange or Purchase at any time
      • Peace of Mind Service Plan Included (Repairs & Maintenance)
      • Discounted Payoff - If you decide to purchase the instrument

      Rental Form

      Questions? Check out the topics in our frequently asked questions below to learn more about our Advantage Rental Plan. Click a question to reveal the answer. Ready to rent? Fill out our rental form now to quickly and easily reserve your instrument online.


      Music Education

      1. Is Music Education important?
      2. Should I buy or rent a quality musical instrument?
      3. Should I give my child a 30 year old musical instrument?
      4. To Take or Not to Take Private Lessons?
      5. How much time should my child practice?

      Renting an Instrument

      1. How do I complete a rental application?
      2. Why do you need my child's school information?
      3. What if I don’t see my instrument listed?
      4. What is an Instrument Scholarship?
      5. Do you run credit checks?
      6. How much do I pay down?

      Advantage Rental Plan

      1. Is there a minimum rental term required?
      2. How long before I own the instrument?
      3. What is a Discounted Payoff?
      4. Does my rent go towards purchasing the instrument?
      5. Do you offer a maintenance plan?
      6. What is AutoPay?
      7. How do I return an instrument?
      8. If the instrument is paid off do I still receive the Peace of Mind service plan?

      Advantage Rental Instruments

      1. Will my rental instrument be new or used?
      2. What brand will my rental instrument be?
      3. What is included with the instrument rental?
      4. What is in a "Rental Accessory Bundle"?
      5. How do I know what supplies my child will need?

      Common Rental Questions

      1. What if I switch instruments? May I exchange for a different rental instrument?
      2. What if I my instrument needs repair?
      3. What if my child outgrows the violin or cello?
      4. How do I know what size violin or cello my child needs?
      5. What do I do if my instrument is stolen?
      6. Who do I contact if I have questions about my rental account?

      Risk Free Rental Brochure

      Download our rental brochure
      (Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)