Advantage Rental Plan

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Flexible return, exchange, and payoff options

Our Advantage Rental-to-Own Plan is designed with beginning band & orchestra parents and students in mind. Quality instruments are rented on a monthly basis and may be returned at anytime while renting. Participants are eligible for a 30% discount off the instrument price balance during the first 18 months. Also, if the type of instrument rented isn't the right fit, it may be exchanged for another rental instrument with Director approval.

Low monthly payments

Our goal is to provide everyone with the opportunity to experience the gift of playing a musical instrument. That is why the majority of our rental payments are between $25 - $50 per month. We never charge interest or finance charges.

Quality, educator-approved instruments

The last thing we want is for a student to give up band because of an inferior instrument. For this reason, we only sell and rent quality, educator-approved instruments from reliable manufacturers. This ensures that a student doesn't experience unnecessary challenges that may deter them from practicing or achieving their potential.

Peace of Mind Service Plan Included

Most people don't consider the costs it can take to maintain an instrument. Just like your car, musical instruments require routine maintenance in order to operate properly. Accidents are bound to happen as well. Leave the worry to us, with most playing condition repair costs being covered by our Peace of Mind Service Plan.