2021 Squier Affinity HH Stratocaster by Fender

2021 Squier Affinity HH Stratocaster by Fender

Do you ever wish you could combine the legendary design and form-factor of the Stratocaster with the killer sound you get from a set of good humbuckers? Your dream just came true. 

Introducing the 2021 Squier Affinity HH Stratocaster

Fender 2021 Affinity Series HH Stratocaster Pink Grey or White

What a time to be alive! The 2021 Squier Affinity Series HH Stratocaster has many exciting features:

  • Equipped with a set of Squier Humbucking Pickups w/ 3-Way Switch
  • Lightweight & Thin Strat Bodies
  • 3 Attractive Finishes: Burgundy Mist, Olympic White, & Charcoal Frost Metallic
  • Slim & Comfortable "C-Shaped" neck
  • Sealed die-cast tuners with split shafts for maximum tuning stability
  • 2-Point Tremolo Bridge for enhanced tremolo action


Take a closer look at these 3 beauties below:

Squier Burgundy Mist HH Affinity Series Stratocaster

Burgundy Mist

2021 Squier Affinity Dual Humbucker Strat Olympic White

Olympic White

Fender Affinity Series Squier HH Stratocasters

Charcoal Frost Metallic 

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