Alvarez AG66CESHB DELUXE Grand Auditorium Acoustic Electric Guitar

The Alvarez AG66CESHB Deluxe acoustic electric guitar is a best-seller at Andy's. It is an exclusive model available only from a select group of Alvarez guitar dealers.

What sets it apart from the AG66CE standard acoustic model is the superior L.R. Baggs Element VTC pickup/preamp system. This electronics package boasts all-discrete, Class A endpin preamp, utilizing studio-grade analog electronics for superior warmth and naturally balanced tone.

Part of the renowned Alvarez Artist Series, the deluxe AG66CESHB acoustic guitar showcases a range of unique structural, functional, and cosmetic elements. Celebrating individuality in figure and tone, it opens up a spectrum of voices and visuals for your musical repertoire.

For additional information about this limited edition Alvarez guitar, contact Andy's Music or click this link: Alvarez AG66CESHB DELUXE Acoustic Guitar.
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