NEW! KORG KR11 Drum Machine

Mobile, Al January 17, 2024 - Unleash your inner rhythm with the KORG KR-11 Drum Machine – your compact playground for percussive exploration.

Forget clunky interfaces and limited options, this sleek, portable beat maker is designed to inject joy and versatility into your music practice, wherever your creative journey takes you.

The KR-11 boasts a user-friendly interface that grants you instant access to 126 distinct patterns across a wide range of genres, from classic rock to island grooves.

Feeling inspired? Don't just play, create! Save up to 14 of your own custom patterns, infusing your music with your unique signature.

Convenience is the name of the game. Lightweight, battery-powered, and compact, the KR-11 is the perfect travel companion for any globetrotting musician. The built-in speaker lets you blast your beats anywhere, anytime, with zero fuss.

Guitarists, this one's for you! Jam effortlessly to your favorite tunes with genre-specific styles like Blues/R&B and Country, pre-programmed to perfectly complement your riffs.

Band practice and music theory just got a whole lot groovier. The KR-11 transforms into an advanced metronome, offering a diverse selection of rhythms and meters to challenge and refine your musicality.

Break free from creative constraints, and explore uncharted rhythmic territories, and have endless fun with the KORG KR-11 drum machine. It's time to elevate your music practice to a whole new level.

So ditch the limitations and grab your KR-11 – the world of rhythm awaits!


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