Yamaha AC5R Acoustic Electric Concert Size Guitar

YAMAHA AC5R Acoustic Electric Concert Guitar

Yamaha announced today the introduction of the AC5R handcrafted acoustic-electric guitar, which is made in their Japan Custom Shop.

The Yamaha AC5R acoustic-electric guitar is a concert size instrument with cutaway and features all-solid rosewood back and sides and hand-selected premium woods. It also features Yamaha's exclusive Acoustic Resonance Enhancement (A.R.E.) technology that enables the guitar to produce the sound of a decades-old guitar.

The Yamaha A-Series acoustic-electric guitars are different from Yamaha's best selling FG and L Series handcrafted guitars. They have a new look, feel and sound, and were designed and developed in the U.S. by Yamaha’s R & D team over a three year period. Thousands of hours were spent working and speaking with performing musicians to develop these new guitars.

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