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Line 6 HX ONE Guitar Pedal

Line 6 HX ONE Guitar Pedal


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The Line 6 HX One guitar pedal is a powerhouse compact stereo effects pedal with user-friendly controls that fits onto almost any guitar effects pedal board.

If you're a traditional stompbox guitar pedal player, you're going to love the HX ONE. It boasts 250+ effects (one available at a time), from the Line 6 Helix pedals and lets you easily adjust the parameters displayed on the OLED screen using three corresponding knobs.

The Helix Modeling technology in the Line 6 HX One captures the sound of vintage and modern amps, cabs, mics, and effects precisely and accurately. The easy-to-use interface replaces unwieldy menu diving and saves you valuable time and effort when searching for a sound on stage.


  • 250+ Effects taken from the Line 6 Helix processors
  • Intuitive controls make selecting and editing effects easy
  • Flux Controller for automating parameter changes
  • Compact size easily fits most effects pedal boards
  • Adjustable input impedance

A couple of items to take note of on the HX ONE are the Flux Controller and the Adjustable impedance features.

The Flux controller enables you to adjust multiple effect parameters simultaneously over a predetermined time—all with a single footswitch press.

The input impedance of a pedal determines to what extent the signal from your instrument’s pickup or pickups is “impeded,” which affects both tone and feel. Adjustable Input Impedance enables you to compensate for pickups of various signal strengths to achieve just the sound you want. Cool!

Whew! Where do we stop? There's so much more to talk about but not enough time and space. So, if you're looking for a single-effect guitar pedal with great sounds and an affordable price, the Line 6 HX ONE should be on your shopping list. Contact Andy's and order yours today.

HX One Guitar Pedal Specs

  • 250+ Effects taken from the Helix family processors
  • 128 Preset slots
  • Intuitive controls make selecting and editing effects easy
  • Flux Controller for automating parameter changes
  • Adjustable input impedance to match your instrument
  • Connect an optional expression pedal or 2 external footswitches
  • MIDI In, Out/Thru connectors (receives PC and CC messages)
  • Stereo I/O with choice of True Bypass or buffered DSP Bypass
  • USB-C port for firmware updates and use with HX One Preset Librarian
  • Footswitches 2 with separate RGB LEDs
  • Loop Pedal Types 1 Switch, Shuffling
  • Looper Memory (Full Speed) 60 sec mono/30 sec stereo
  • Looper Memory (1/2 Speed) 120-sec mono/60-sec stereo
  • 1/4” Inputs Stereo L/R
  • 1/4” Outputs Stereo L/R
  • 1/4" Exp Pedal Inputs EXP Pedal (shared with Footswitch 3/4)
  • Switchable true, buffered, or DSP bypass
  • 9V Power supply included
  • Cast aluminum chassis
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