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Robert Tucci Tuba Mouthpiece

Robert Tucci Tuba Mouthpiece



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 concept: “A comprehensive selection of mature and proven tuba mouthpieces designed by and for professionals. The designers are you, the musicians to whom we listen. With each ensuing production sequence all desired aspects of tonal color, response, dynamic and factual range are implemented into our products.”


  • Cup Diameter: 32.5 mm diameter. Moderate depth and funnel shaped.
  • Rim: 7.5 mm. Medium-sharp inner. Rounded outer edge.
  • Bore: 8.3 mm. 
  • Resistance : Moderate. 

Proven and widely accepted general purpose mouthpiece. Responsive, clear sound with an obvious center. Ideal for large-bore instruments when fast response is desired. Narrow rim provides remarkable flexibility. Cup has the depth necessary for good tone quality and resonance. Unique cup-diameter to cup-volume relationship.


  • Cup Diameter: 32.5 mm. Medium-large depth, funnel shaped.
  • Rim: 7.5 mm. Rounded inner and sharp outer edges.
  • Bore: 8.4 mm. 
  • Resistance: Moderate. 

Provides a strong fundamental, rich and colorful sound with excellent projection. Highly-refined balance of all desirable qualities. Ideal for medium and large-bore instruments. Low register is easily produced. Smaller instruments benefit from cup characteristics but still warm with larger instruments as well.


  • Cup Diameter: 32.50 mm. Medium-deep cup.
  • Rim: 7.6 mm. Narrow rim with clearly defined inner edge. 
  • Bore: 8.4 mm. 
  • Resistance: Free-blowing. 

The ultimate realization of classic American mouthpiece philosophy. Fast response and newly defined linearity in sound and intonation. Rich tonal character and strong projection. Large dynamic range and tonal modulation capability combine toward the “great mouthpiece for every musical environment” objective. Cup diameter, cup volume, and throat/bore are large. Shell weight and resistance are balanced for ease of execution.


  • Cup Diameter: 32.5 mm. Deep, pear-shaped cup.
  • Rim: 8.0 mm. Rounded inner and outer edges.
  • Bore: 8.3 mm. 
  • Resistance: Moderate – open blowing.

Dark sound with a pronounced core. Rim enhanced for quick response and clarity. Ideal for those who find models 36/44 too small and 50/88 too large. 

  • Available in heavy-shell configuration (RT48+).


  • Cup Diameter: 33.0 mm. Large, deep.
  • Rim: 7.5 mm. Sharp inner edge.
  • Bore: 8.3 mm. 

“Power Tool.” Great popularity world-wide. Symmetrically balanced for amazing equilibrium, efficiency, tonal presence and flexibility. Tone is full, dark and deeply resonant while retaining excellent projection.

  • Also available in heavy-shell configuration (RT50+).


  • Cup Diameter: 32 mm. Apple-shaped. 
  • Rim: 8.0 mm.
  • Bore: 8.0 mm.

Provides a clear and balanced sound. It is flexible in response and tonal nature offering a broad dynamic range and relatively easy lower and higher registers. The throat and backbore are balanced for clarity and solid control. Ideal for medium-large and large-bore instruments. 


  • Cup Diameter: 33.5mm. Wide, deep.
  • Rim: 7.0 mm. Flat, well-defined inner edge.
  • Bore: 8.1 mm. 
  • Resistance: Low – open blowing.

“HD Power Tool.” The ultimate large contrabass mouthpiece for the musician who requires maximum volume while retaining excellent response characteristics, maximum dynamic range, immense tonal breadth and a powerful, commanding low register. Ideal for those who perform in large symphonic ensembles. Resistance is adjusted for control and efficiency. 

  • Also available heavy-shell configuration (RT88+).


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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Stephen J.
Works Great

My son wanted to upgrade his tuba mouthpiece and this was exactly what he wanted. Shipped fast and exactly as ordered. Thanks!

Brian B.

haven’t worked with the mp enough yet
I’ll know in after a few more specific gigs

Jeremy D.
Please stop emailing me about this

I ordered a mouthpiece. I got the mouthpiece (with some tarnish somehow?). They won’t leave me alone about leaving a review.