Samson Q1U, USB Vocal Mic

The Samson Q1U is the first professional dynamic USB microphone. It features a smooth sounding neodymium element, analog-to-digital converter, and USB output. The Q1U is capable of handling high SPL and connects easily to your equipment with the supplied USB cable.

Samson Q1U USB Mic

The Samson Q1U has extended frequency and fast transient response to insure an accurate reproduction with linear characteristics from bottom to top. The Q1U faithfully reproduces a variety of sound sources including vocals, acoustic instruments and overhead cymbals. Since it can handle high sound pressure levels, it works well with drums and in front of a loud guitar amp. Samson also offers its own line of lavalier microphones for hands-free operations.

Order your Samson Q1U today and start recording your music, Pod cast, or any acoustic audio source on your favorite computer based Digital Audio Workstation (DAW).

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Q1U Key Features:
dynamic handheld mic with USB output
plugs directly into any computer with a USB input
compatible with any computer based DAW
high quality A/D converter with 16-bit, 48kHz sampling rate
super cardioid pickup pattern
tripod desk stand included

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