Yamaha MO8 Synthesizer

Yamaha MO8 Synthesizer

The new Yamaha MO8 is targeted to semi-professional musicians and home/project studio owners as well as songwriters and performers. The Yamaha MO 8 is a 88-key synthesizer and draws on the advanced technology of the professional-level Yamaha Motif ES with a full set of authentic sounds and comprehensive music-making features. 

The MO 8 includes an emphasis on contemporary styles and voices¡ªplus an exceptionally large internal wave memory capacity and the immediacy of hands-on control. The Yamaha MO8 is designed to be highly portable, compact, and to serve as an ideal keyboard for live performance applications.

Drawing on the technology and sounds of the professional level MOTIF ES, the new Yamaha MO8 features an expanded sound set, with an exceptionally large internal wave memory capacity. The keyboard has a full complement of realistic instrument Voices (total 512) and Drum Kits (64), and includes many modern and vintage synthesizer sounds, making it well-equipped for current dance, club and techno music styles. For sound shaping and signal processing, the M06 features sharp, responsive filters (with real-time knob control from the panel) and an extensive set of high-quality effects.

The Yamaha MO 8 contains many advanced music production tools. These include a built-in Song sequencer, and a useful Pattern mode that allows you to build complex rhythmic/chordal patterns by using preset Phrases¡ªor Phrases of your own creation. Also, the powerful Arpeggio feature gives you over 1700 sequenced phrases that you can trigger at the touch of a key.

The MO8 also seamlessly integrates into computer music systems, with special remote control functions that let you operate your favorite sequencer software from the instrument itself. In addition, the MO is the latest instrument in the Yamaha line to feature compatibility with the convenient Studio Connections system; it also supports the new Audio Integration features in that system.

Studio Connections lets you make and save MO8 settings to a song within your DAW application (such as Steinberg’s Cubase SX and Nuendo), and use the Total Recall features to instantly restore those settings when you reopen the song. Audio Integration takes this hardware/software link a huge leap further by allowing you to assign and seamlessly access the MO right from the sequencer, just as if the MO 8 were a plug-in synthesizer.

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